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2019 Chaska 6/6/6 Tournament

2019 Chaska Town Course Spring 6/6/6
9 a.m. Shotgun Start                Saturday, April 27th
All MEN will play from the GREEN Tees
All WOMEN will play from the GOLD Tees

FORMAT:  Two Person Teams

ENTRY:  $190/team ($95/player)

Players who do not have a current handicap index as of April 15th, 2019 will play as a scratch (0 Handicap)

Holes 1-6: Alternate Shot (90% A player and 20% B player handicaps used)
Prior to teeing off on hole 1 you must choose which player will tee off on the odd holes and which player will tee off on the even holes. (Regardless of who holes out on the previous hole) You will then alternate shots with your partner until the ball is holed. The SAME ball must be played the entire hole unless damaged or lost.

Holes 7-12: Best Ball (100% of individual handicap)
Both players on a team will play their own ball and the best net score of the two will count as the team score.

Holes 13-18: Team Scramble (90% A player and 20% B player handicaps used)
Each player hits a tee shot on every hole, the most preferred shot is chosen, and this process repeats until the ball is holed. You must play each shot from its original environment. You may lift, clean and place the ball within 1 club length no closer to the hole. On the putting surface the ball may be moved 3 inches no closer to the hole.

Each team can win in either the GROSS or NET divisions, wherever they finish higher. A team cannot place in both. Ties will be broken in the following order:  Lowest score on holes 1-6, lowest score on holes 7-12, lowest score on holes 13-18, score on hole #2.


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