Eric Chiles – Full Swing Golf Schools
Featuring Eric’s Patented Training Aid “The Chiliwacker”

Eric’s new class that was introduced in 2018 is designed specifically for players looking to permanently repair an undesirable ball flight.  Class will begin with a brief seminar on face and path correlation, what expert players do, and the ball flight laws.  Each student will be taught how physics can be used to explain ball flight. Using Eric’s Trackman Doppler Radar combined with V1 Video Analysis Software and The Chiliwacker adjustable training aid each participant will leave the class with a complete understanding of their own swing.  Lastly each participant will take home a Chiliwacker to maintain their newfound proficiency.

$250 cost of class includes handout, 4 hours of instruction, Trackman Ball Flight diagnosis, V1 before and after Video Analysis and most importantly your own Chiliwacker Training Aid. (Retail $150).

2019 Dates: Coming Soon

Space is limited to the first 5 paid students.

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